Now in Kenya, diversifying my canvases, drawing on the inspirational scenery and iconic wildlife of this part of the world.

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Mt Kenya sunrise, Oil on canvas, 18x36"  Tigoni Tea, Oil on hardboard, 16x20"  Zebra, Oil on hardboard, 24x30"  White-fronted bee-eaters, Oil on hardboard, 20x16"    Cinnamon-chested Bee-eaters at the Great Rift Valley, Oil on hardboard 18x24"  African Paradise Flycatcher, Oil on hardboard, 18x14"  Lilac-breasted roller, Oil on hardboard, 14x18"  Silvery-cheeked hornbill, Oil on hardboard, 24x18"  Long-crested Eagles, Oil on hardboard, 48x24"  Lioness, Oil on canvas, 20x16"  Lion, Oil on canvas, 20x16"  Cheetah, Oil on canvas, 20x16"  Leopard, Oil on canvas, 20x16"