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I am privileged to be among the few recognized wildlife artists from the Caribbean.  I have opened up new horizons beyond the Caribbean, having relocated to Nairobi, Kenya from 2014 up until the middle of 2019, followed by a posting to Panama City, Panama, as I continue my professional career with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

I was born in Toronto, Canada, the eldest of three children, to a St. Lucian father and Jamaican mother.  From the age of five, I grew up on the beautiful island of Saint Lucia, one of the ‘gems’ of the Eastern Caribbean.  I always had a knack for drawing, an interest cultivated through my secondary school years, where I was tutored in art by Luigi St. Omer, son of famed St. Lucian artist, the late Sir Dustan St. Omer.  Following school I went on to work with the St. Lucia Forestry Division and have remained in the environmental field in my professional career.  It was from my early days with the Forestry Department (mid-1980s) my love for wildlife and environmental art became inseparable from my career (read more under my professional profile).

I have worked mostly in watercolour and acrylic, having more recently switched to oils.  I have been known for my realistic interpretations of Caribbean flora and fauna; and while in East Africa, I extended my creative reach into the vast and spectacular Africa-scapes, drawing inspiration from wildlife artists, the likes of Robert Bateman, Don Eckelberry, John James Audubon and impressionists Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh.  Now in Panama, back in a tropical rainforest environment, I look forward to ‘new creations from new inspirations’ capturing some of the country’s dazzling variety of wildlife and forestscapes…”¡me gusta!”

I am an Associate Member of Artists for Conservation, world’s leading artist group supporting the environment. See my proflie at here.

My art collective ‘Chris Cox Originals’, includes a range of products inspired from my art such as limited edition prints, t-shirts and other collectibles.


View of Castries harbour from my home studio at LaToc.

Back in St. Lucia my studio is at home, Seascape Villa, located on the breezy LaToc hillside, overlooking the magnificent and picturesque Castries Harbour and Vigie Peninsula, northward to Pigeon Island and the French island of Martinique.  Between 2014 and 2019 we lived in beautiful Kenya; my studio no longer had the commanding view of the ocean…it was a garden view featuring a large heliconia clump that was frequented by beautiful sunbirds (heliconias are mostly native to the Americas and are visited by hummingbirds; in Africa the sunbirds seem to have adapted to them quite well).  In May 2019 we relocated with my job to Panama, a tropical paradise straddling the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean…back again in a familiar neck of the woods so to speak, but now in Spanish! 

Over the years much of my work has been in acrylic and watercolour although more recently I have been working in oils. My compositions are often created a melee of mental impressions; the fleeting shimmer of a hummingbird at a heliconia set against the sunlit-dappled forest understorey, the small detail in the gleam of moisture on the tips of a bromeliad perched on a lichen covered ancient branch, or the play of afternoon sunlight on the back of a bird on wing. 

My old field notebook dating back to 1986

I use a collection of field notes, sketches, photos and reference material to lend realism to the subjects and the environment within which they live.  Click on the image to open the scrapbook!


Selection of work done in Kenya

All about, and creating Chris Cox Originals….watch!!

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  1. Birguy Lamizana

    Wonderful Chris! I am amased on how you are able to balance your passion with the hectic schedule here! You are doing great things. Keep on my dear friend.



    1. Chris Post author

      Thanks so much Birguy! The art does provide a means of escape from the hustle. As always thanks for your continued support (and guidance)!

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