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  1. patti

    I stumbled on this today, 3 years after my brother’s death. I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful tribute to Jimmy (as I called him). He went to St. Lucia in the 70′s and I rarely saw him after that. He and I were always very close as children. My only comfort is that I just picture him walking the beaches of St. Lucia and watching over the turtles he so dearly fought for. I know his spirit is still there. Thank you for a wonderful article, I truly enjoyed it.

  2. John Duncker

    Hi I am trying to contact Martina Sparks. I worked with Jim and Steve during the 90s and did some turtle watching with Jim. I am also looking for Jan and Melissa who were part of Tropical Software / Computerpower. Any help would be gratefully received.

    John Duncker S/V Elephants Child

  3. Lenn

    Hi Mr. Cox. Thanks for providing a glimpse into the lives of some of our conservation pioneers. Is the naturalist society still operational? If it is, how does one obtain membership? If not, could it possibly be revived?

    1. Chris Post author

      Thanks Lenn. We have been trying to breathe back life into the Naturalists Society; really do need some fresh faces to carry the mantle though. An idea was to re-introduce the moonthly meetings at the Central Library and invite all interested persons to come and listen to talks of general environmental interest.

  4. Graziella Garritano

    Dear Sir,
    We are publishing a book about evolution for Brazilian students at college level. Our book has an educational purpose of stimulating and spreading evolutionary thought amongst young Brazilians. We would like to know if you would kindly allow us to use the attached picture in our book. Could you please inform us which would be the conditions for such use? Thank you for your help, Graziella Garritano

  5. Patterson

    It would be an honour if u could answer these question Mr.Cox. I am featuring you and your art in a project and it would mean the world to me if u could respond to these questions. you are an inpiration to us all

    1. What techniques do use to create your art?

    2. Do you employ colour theory within your art?

    3. What artistic style(s) inspires you?

    4. Does living in the Caribbean influence your style or subject matter?

    5. How has your style developed over time?

    6. Does living in the Caribbean make you feel that you have to adhere to a certain style or does it hinder your creativity?

    7. Do you feel accepted or respected as an artist within your community?

    8. What do you do to prepare yourself to create art (to get in the mood)?

    9. Do you have a favourite artist and why is he/she your favourite artist?

    10. What encouragement or advice would you give to an upcoming artist?

  6. Marie-Eve

    Hello, thanks for your time,

    I have a quick question, I am wondering about the best time and way to discuss working with you and asking some questions i have before we got started, thanks 🙂 looking forward to hearing from you


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