Gartered Trogon

Acrylic on canvas, 20×16″

The Gartered Trogon, as with most trogons, is visually stunning. The species ranges across Central America to northwestern parts of South America, and can be seen where we live in Panama, given the relatively close proximity of the forest reserve. I have been able to get some excellent close-up photos of visiting male birds, a few of which I show below; obvious inspiration to capture on canvas!

The fern featured in the art is the epiphytic Graceful Fern (Niphidium crassifolium), that is ubiquitous in the forests in this region.

Watch this little video of the origin story behind the art (click on the image).

3 thoughts on “Gartered Trogon

  1. Deirdre Shurland

    I bought this original photo and have it framed along with another in this collection. Chris is an amazing artist with an all-seeing eye for the personality of his birds.

    Thanks Chris, Deirdre

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